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*Where the New Braunfels Noms are Found*

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Donut Palace Donut Schmorgasbord

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

Dough-nut worry! Even though they're closed tomorrow, for the hole-y day of food, they'll open again! Maybe you can go on fry-day! That is, if you haven't jam-packed your schedule, filling up the day with shopping. Either way, you deserve to treat your A- dough- able self to some happiness with sprinkles on top. <3 ....Sorry, not sorry.

Genuinely loved these though! Especially the red velvet, devil's food, and pumpkin flavors. *drool*

*Extra note: Get there earlier than I did and they have extra trendy flavors! Cereal and crushed Oreo covered deliciousnesss. They disappear fast though!

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