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*Where the New Braunfels Noms are Found*

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Calling all New Braunfels lovers of food… trucks! We have gone hunting to find the best mobile grub in (on occasion) our fair river town so we can share it with you. This is the second of our Five to Find posts, in it we focused on the dishes we liked from the different vendors instead of their complete offerings on whole.

Comment below if you have something you think we should try, or post on your social media and tag us @GoodEatsNBTX we’d love to hear your thoughts!

1. Texas Po' Boys

We're starting with (and writing a bit more on) Texas Po' Boys because not only have I loOVed everything of theirs I've ever eaten, but Texas Po' Boys is run by Ronda Boyles, who everyone who loves food trucks should love as well. Ronda (along with her business partner Thomas Guenther) started New Braunfel's Food Truck Association and they not only promote the local food trucks but act as a resource to help them find jobs, locations to set up, and help them navigate the licensing and legal hoops to set up in town. They've also been working on, and had success in, reducing the amount of legal red tape each truck has to get through to have access to downtown. Everybody that has ever hugged a street taco or marveled at a portable, excessively decorated icey treat, should toast this lovely lady.

Digressing...ORDER HER FREAKING KOREAN BBQ FRIES!!! You can't not. It IS a must. Just do it. Reading the full name is legitimately drool inducing; KOREAN BBQ BACON JELLY FRENCH FRIES WITH A FRIED EGG AND SIRACHA RANCH. They were sweet and sour at the same time. There was a slight taste of sesame oil and the egg had *crispy* salty edges, but you could still crack the yolk over the fries. They were kick-you-in-the-face spicy and aaaaaaamaaaaaazzzzzzing.

We also highly recommend the huge Cowboy Grilled Cheese with it's sweet, veeeeery cheesy American cheese, three pieces of buttery Texas toast, locally sourced Jalapeno Pepper Jelly and BAaaaaacooon. Nom! Savory and delicious.

*You can catch Ronda (and the goodeats) during the week at her and Guenther's Brewhaus Kitchen at Guadalupe Brewing Company. The Texas Po' Boy's food truck posts updates of where they'll be next on their Facebook page.*

Ig: @texaspoboys


P: (830) 500-0034


2. Cajun on da Geaux

We got the gator with red sauce. It was slightly sweet and fruity with just a bit a spicy after bite. The gator was well cooked. Juicy and (like everyone says) tasting of chicken, and when cooked in this way, had the mouth feel of shrimp.

Our favorite were the CAJUN FRIES. They're onion fries and jalepenos that have been breaded and fried to look aaalmost the same. However they're all mixed together and can be a bit like a bag of Botts Every Flavor Beans. You never know if you're going to get a cooked-sweetened onion or a spicy jalapeno bite. They were crunchy, not overly greasy, with a light salt/pepper coating. Awesome and fun. My favorites were the jalapeno pieces.

*Cajun On Da Geaux posts location updates on their Facebook and are frequently set up at D&D in Seguin.*

Ig: @cajunondageaux




P: (830) 837-0049

3. 1836 BBQ

As you can tell from our lovely video with overly dramatic temple meditation music that abruptly cuts off, this BBQ is juicy. Reaaaally really juicy. Fall apart tender. Salty and delicious with a nice blackened flavor-jammed crust and Good Lord, I would murder for their marinade recipe. Or is it more than that? Is the owner, Chris, one of those people that rather than basting (like newbs like me would do), syringes a brine or broth deep into the meat? Or is it kicking other BBQ's butts because he slow-smokes it for three days, without sleeping, instead of the 18 hours some other chuckers are boasting about.


So um.. this guy named Chris Haynes runs 1836 BBQ and it is our new favorite BBQ place. Hands down. End of story. And this is from a home grown Texan who was given ribs and brisket in the crib instead of rattles (it was messy but delicious.) And all that and my BBQ tours of Texas (once I learned to use my legs) has created quite a collection of bbq creations for comparison.

But there is no comparison. Because 1836 BBQ is insane and the top BBQ establishment ever now in our minds and they don’t even have chairs... or a table (update: they just got a table and chairs!).

I'm not even going to give you suggestions of things to order. Just get it all. It's all unfairly delicious.

*1836 BBQ posts location and "sold out" updates on their Instagram and Facebook. You can find them on weekends at 1671 S. State Hwy 46 New Braunfels, Tx 78130. It is back, off of the road, so look for the waving "BBQ" flags that are on the other side of the fence from Fischer Gas Station.*

IG: @1836_bbq



P: (210) 844-0720

5. Grouchy Mama's

Grouchy Mama's is a veteran owned and operated truck in New Braunfels that's putting out some tasty grub.

This time out we got the Jalepeno popper burger. This burger is a new classic guys. They started with their sturdy base of a well cooked, juicy burger with the right amount of pink, then grilled some jalepenos, threw them in a food processor with some cream cheese and bacon and then topped their burger with the combo and added melty, gooey pepper jack cheese and the cannon staples (lettuce, tomato, pickles, mustard, and mayo.) What ends up happening is deliciously juicy and creamy and cheesy. The bun is light and fluffy and the jalepeno spice and mustard are just right to cut through the creamy and stop the burger from being overly heavy. Super filling and delicious!

And them fries are freaking amazing, COVERED in an awesome seasoned salt.

Grouchy Mama's has been around for a number of years and changes up their menu off and on, so keep your eyes open. Last we ran into them, their menu was full of tasty burger classics, but some fan favorites from the recent past include funnel cake fries with chocolate dipping sauce and Cap'n Crunch Chicken and Waffles. This is us formally requesting they get a comeback because we missed it and the yelp photos are taunting us with their unattainable deliciousness.

*Grouchy Mama's recently really stepped up their social media game and posts regular location updates to their Instagram and Facebook.*

IG: @grouchymamas



P: (210) 248-6304

5. FM31

We adore the tacos at FM31. Crisp homemade coleslaw adds a crunch, with juicy delicious brisket and creamy avacado crema and jalepeno salsa. They were high level spicy and the meat was soooo savory and sweet. Just sooo gooooood. We got two, but could of (and most definately would love to have) eaten six.

The TEXCELLENT sandwich was goopy delicious. It looked a bit like a creature from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but woah dang, there's a reason there a "thing" and show called "Ugly Delicious." Its moist brisket, topped with oooey gooey queso and their avacado crema and fried jalepenos, was perfect. The bun tasted like a hawaiin roll, but with a bit of a crunch. I suspect they buttered and pan fried the bottom like texas toast. Just Delicious.

*FM31 posts location updates to their Instagram and Facebook.*

IG: @fm31foodtrailer



P: (830)515-9026


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