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Dinner at Downtown Social

Downtown Social has become a staple of the New Braunfels' Nightlife scene for their strong delicious drinks and collection of games that adults can play without feeling silly (Hellooo pinball, bowling, and foosball! Go away pingpong. You're too difficult. Said half of this team.) It's also got some freaking kickin' grub though! Not just bar food, but legit dinner, full of surprising flavor combos, beautiful presentation, and all around deliciousness.

We've been out before to feature them and immediately lost all our photos after a phone decided to eat it (heh heh! Get it?) and then ate (hehe! I won't stop!) the last day of photos from the rest of the backup. *face palm*

So here we are, try #2, showing our commitment to saying, "EAT HERE!!! IT'S YUMMY!!!"

Our favorite item of the evening might have been our starter, the caprese salad. Everything was obviously amazingly fresh and they must have some killer produce sourcing connections because this simple salad was dumb flavorful. It was a classic caprese with a with a modern update. This caprese listens to bloghaus, works for a tech startup, and just launched their new podcast. The tomatoes were tangy, the basil a bit minty, the mozzarella fresh, and the balsamic reduction delectable. The pesto made it though. Salty and savory and there was an extra, meaty flavor that we couldn't quite place, a mixture of flavors, pine nuts with the umami of parmesan, and maybe bacon? Did they put freaking bacon in their pesto?! It was amazing regardless.

The Downtown Socials Kitchen Sink meal, the photo shows the burger with a knife sticking out of the top of it, surrounded by French fries

The Kitchen Sink burger was big. I don't know if you can tell. Can you tell from the photo? Two fluffy sweet buns, double patties, double melted cheese, fried egg with a drippy creamy yolk, thick bacon, spicy arugula, and tomatoes. The burger and the chocolate BlueBell Icecream milkshake that comes with it make the prettiest picture and are delicious.

Chicken and Beignets; spicy deep fried chicken with sugar powder coated beignets, resting on a small cutting board, photographed in a large room

We also recommend getting the fried chicken and beignets. We prefer our beignet's Cafe du Monde style, with some crisp and some crunch and a noticeable amount of oil. These were more like little prettilly shaped beignet pillows. Very bready with bounce, but the powdered sugar was still there and that bit of sweet and starch did still pair nicely with their chicken that was BOMB! The chicken was tangy and spicy and juicy with a reaaally crunchy crust. Their "fire sauce" on it was a sweet fire, still with vinegar, but not the acid that you get with traditional bar hot wings. These seemed almost like they had a thin honey glaze. These were EVERYTHING. Get them.

Downtown Social was also killing it with the drinks. The Botanical (pictured below) was light and refreshing and gooorgeous.

We're assuming that anyone reading this in New Braunfels has already been to Downtown Social, because, how can you not? But here's us hoping that next time you pop in you get some of their noms and curl up in some beautiful lit little corner and revel in them goodeats. And maybe play Ping Pong (or don't) (but really you should).

A tasty drink, gin and tonic type mixed drink with a  mint leaf and an orange on top

*You can call and book table or party reservations for Downtown Social or, booking is also available online at their website.*

IG: @downtownsocialnb



P: (830) 214-6650


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