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*Where the New Braunfels Noms are Found*

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New Braunfels ToGo/Delivery Guide

Here it is! The brand new, shiny NEW BRAUNFELS TOGO/DELIVERY GUIDE for all your ordering needs in this crazy upside-down COVID-19 world where all New Braunfels restaurants have had to shutdown in-house dining. All info is up to date as of today, March 30, 2020.

We compiled this list from our last guide that we posted on our Instagram and all the helpful comments and messages we got. I put in all we could remember and find searching on social media and checked it with any other lists we could find out there. This should be the most comprehensive list yet with all the information you need to find the restaurant you want, contact them, and place your order.

I purposefully excluded fast-food restaurants as I wanted to promote small local businesses, and frankly just got burnt out researching, checking numbers and info on businesses' multiple social media platforms, etc. Most are still open though with very convenient drive-thrus for pickup. You'll just have to look up their info yourself.

Please save these ordering menus to your phone and computer. Send and share them around. Print them out and lay them artfully on your dining table for when you're too tired from life to cook. Print them out and throw them out the window at people you see when driving around that still need some help practicing social distancing... JK. Don't actually do that.

Really though, New Braunfels restaurants need us right now. Many have closed. Many have had to let loads of staff as they've reduced operations to just takeout and delivery. Let's show up for them! I hope that these disappear into the vast electronic world and are found by those that need them and get lots of use.

Wishing you all ALL the serenity, safety, and health.




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