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*Where the New Braunfels Noms are Found*

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Tin Top Burgers and Beer

Tin Top is one of those places that is perfect for a relaxed date night, a quick lunch, or for popping over to after a long day tubing. Its menu is filled with expertly executed burgers that have been updated with creative flavor combinations you'd expect from some trendy chrome-filled restaurant with a pun for a name and lots of tiny "standing only" tables. The atmosphere, however, is beach-side chill and you can see yourself on the emerald coast when you eat your under $10 burger that you had ordered 5 minutes before. The building is an updated old peer and beam house with little window vents above the doors and what look like the original wooden floors. Inside, you order your burger at the front cashier and peruse a many-leveled shelf that displays all the local beer offerings (or you could get a milkshake from next door at Rhea's, more on that in a future post). You then take your number and your beverage of choice to one of the picnic tables inside beside a fun accent wall or outside to the fenced in front porch. It is quirky in the right way. A definite oasis for families that have dealt with heat and lines all day at the water park and would just love to set the children loose in a closed in yard and sip a cold one while nomming on something affordable they didn't have to cook themselves. Or you know, just anyone that would like some tasty affordable noms not set up on plastic tables in shaky fluorescent lighting.

We ordered a couple of burgers, the first was the Bloody Mary Burger. Made with their house pickles, big ol' crispy onion rings, bacon, melty swiss cheese and a bloody mary sauce that was AMAZING! I want this sauce bottled and in my home and I will just forgo ketchup from now on for the updated tomato sauce with the tang and spice and awesomeness that is their Bloody Mary sauce. HIGHLY recommend this burger.

We also tried out the Jalepeno Bacon Cheeseburger. The one item on the menu that makes use of cheddar cheese. I note this because every sandwich and burger I make rocks thick melted slices of the stuff and I kinda don't know how to create good sandwich flavors outside of it, so I'm impressed. End note. The Jalepeno Bacon Cheeseburger has grilled jalepenos, THICK slices of bacon, melty-gooey cheddar cheese, and a southwest mayo. It was so good, you guys! The spice was a good level and the bacon, being so darn thick, added an extra chewy factor to the burger that I was mega into.

Tin Top makes their patties with a pork and beef combo. The beef is locally sourced grass-fed black angus beef from 44 farms, a place that frequently sends off their goods to top-tier steakhouses around Texas. They then cook it smashed-burger style, increasing the surface area meeting the grill, and creating all those extra flavorful extra loved crusty brown bits.

If you want an all-beef patty, no problem. If you want a vegan patty, no problem. They've got you. If you need help choosing from their extensive beer selection that's stocked with the traditional domestics plus tons of local Texas brews, they're awesome at giving pairing suggestions for the burger you chose! Ex: A while ago we ordered their SwineApple burger (also rockin! try it!) and they put us onto the Aloha Pina from our local 5 Stones Brewery. It's full of pineapple, roasted jalepeno, and wildflower honey ale. Match made in Heaven.

We're all roasting and trying to LIVE in the water this time of year, and Tin Top tops the list for us for ending a hot summer day. Cold beer, good burgers in a chill blessed air-conditioned environment, followed by a scoop (or two) from the attached Rhea's Ice Cream (or an ice cream taco on Tuesdays!!), it's perfect.

TinTop's current burger of the month is the Schlitter-Banh Mi. House patty, swiss cheese, pickled onions, pickled carrots, fresh jalepenos, and Cilantro aioli. Looking good! Tag us on social media and let us know what you think if you try it! <3


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